Why come to us for Acne Peels?

We added the Acne Mesopeel from Mesoestetic to our treatment menu as we wanted to offer our customers an effective solution to treat acne without significant discomfort or downtime. 

This Acne peel uses a complex formula that accelerates the epidermis reducing oil and calming inflammation leading to a reduction in breakouts and leaving your skin visibly clearer. The peels antifungal and comedolytic properties are indicated especially for treating the different stages of acne. It's called Azelan and is comprised of 20% salicylic acid + 20% azelaic acid.

The Acne peel is suitable for all skin types and gives fast effective results in just 45 minutes. There is minimal discomfort, most clients experience a mild stinging sensation however this is only for a few minutes and is tolerated very well by the majority of people. 

A course of 6 bi-weekly treatments are needed and combining the treatment with at home skincare is recommended to achieve optimum results.

With over 20 years combined industry experience we are highly experienced in skin peels. We will talk you through a comprehensive consultation prior to the treatment, do a full skin analysis using our Observ skin analysis machine and be sure to answer any questions and give clear aftercare advice.

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Acne Peel Costs

Acne Peel - £70

Get one Acne treatment to brighten skin with minimal discomfort or downtime. Treatment time is 45 mins + 30 minutes for consultation if this is your first treatment.

Acne Peel Course of 6 - £350

A course of 6 treatments performed bi-weekly is recommended. Use the green button above for interest free payment plan options.

Combined course of 6 Acne peels with Acne homecare kit - £518

To obtain optimum and long term results, specific skincare is recommended at home to prevent adverse reactions and give your skin the best chance at achieving long term results. Use the green button above for interest free payment plan options.

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Acne Peel FAQ

The Azelan acne peel is a quick and superficial peel that contains a combination of salicylic and azelaic acid. The peel helps to refresh the skin by lifting any dead skin cells and also stimulates the metabolism of the cells underneath, combatting acne deep down.

Acne is a skin condition that most men and women experience at some point in their lives, leaving the skin red and painful to touch. Acne can be presented as whiteheads, blackheads, papules, nodules and cysts. The Azelan acne peel offered by our Aestheticians can give you clearer, hydrated skin that you deserve.

Our Azelan acne peel contains an anti-fungal and comedolytic property that can help to treat a range of acne skin types. This treatment can also help to come combat pigmented lesions that have been cause by acne along with rosacea, a skin condition that causes redness and visible blood vessels in your face.  

We recommend wearing sunscreen every day during this treatment because of the deep exfoliation, your skin is at risk of sun damage. It’s good even when you aren't having any treatments to wear sunscreen as it protects you from everyday sunrays and helps keep your skin young.

A course of 6 treatments 2 weeks apart are recommended. For optimum results we recommend combining this with our anti-ageing skincare kit as this has been specifically tailored to work alongside the peels.

There is some very mild stinging during the treatment but this is easily tolerated by the majority of clients, pre treatment skin numbing is not necessary and the peel is only on the skin for 5 minutes.

There is minimal to no downtime following a melanostop peel, you may experience some very mild skin shedding however this is very rare.

A monthly maintenance treatment is recommended or a course of 6 bi-weekly treatments can be performed twice per year.

Acne Peel Treatment

Acne Peel Before & Afters


Before & after a course of 6 Acne Peels

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